Landscape Design

About Garden Visions

Jeanine Gerstenfeld


I started Garden Visions because of my love for the outdoors and my passion for gardens. I view gardens as an extension of one's home which should be enjoyed and utilized as part of our daily living. Beautiful landscapes do more than simply add value and functionality to our homes - they lift our spirits.

Each garden design is unique because you are unique. Exceptional designs require a keen appreciation of my clients' needs. A landscape design must complement your lifestyle, the architecture of your home, and the conditions of your location.

Garden Visions is committed to client service, quality and accountability. Before starting a design I take time to understand your goals. Are you looking for space to entertain? A play area for kids? A quiet retreat? Do you want low upkeep that's easy to maintain or a more formal garden? Once we have a shared understanding of your goals, I'll develop a Master Plan to suit your budget and timeline.

We create all styles of garden landscapes from English-style garden to dry climate California/Mediterranean. We can design one that suits you while respecting the environment. 

I have a degree in ornamental horticulture landscape design and am a member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers. I have extensive experience designing water-efficient landscapes and working in areas with challenging water/soil conditions.